Austin Phillips
WHOI Postdoc, 2017-2018
Labs: Neubert, Mullineaux, Kellner
Project: Austin worked on a metapopulation model for our hydrothermal vent metacommunity dynamics project.

Séverine Choukroun
WHOI Postdoc, 2012-2013
Labs: Thorrold, Ji, Kellner
Project: Sev worked on the biological-hydrodynamic coupled model for our marine metapopulation connectivity project.

Graduate Students

Ben Jones
WHOI/MIT Joint Program Student in Biological Oceanography, 2012-2014
Labs: Kellner, Ji
Project: Ben studied metapopulation connectivity and the impact of network topology on population dynamics.

Undergraduate Students

Christina Hernandez
WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2013
Home Institution: Columbia University
Labs: Llopiz, Kellner
Project: Chrissy worked on a collaborative project to describe the vertical distribution and dispersal of coral reef fish larvae near the Straits of Florida.

Jason Sadowski
WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2011
Home Institution: Rutgers University
Labs: Kellner, Ji
Project: Jason assisted with our marine metapopulation connectivity project. Jason contributed to a regional geospatial database for Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea by digitizing and refining habitat and species distribution map layers in ArcGIS.