Julie B. Kellner

Current positions
Principal Investigator, WHOI Biology Department
Program Director, National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Program
Associate, UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Current research
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Research Background
Connecting theoretical and empirical applications to tackle applied ecological questions has been an underlying theme throughout my research.

Prior to joining WHOI, I was a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Alan Hastings and Dr. Jim Sanchirico in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis. As a postdoctoral fellow with the Bahamas Biocomplexity Project, my work focused on how marine reserves might alter community dynamics, susceptibility to bioinvasions, and the bioeconomic tradeoffs associated with ecosystem-based fisheries management.

I received my Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology from UCSB in June 2004 under the guidance of Dr. Steve Gaines and Dr. Roger Nisbet. My dissertation work examined the implications of spillover, density-dependence, and fishing behavior for marine reserve designation using spatially-explicit models. As a graduate and undergraduate student, I also participated in a number of projects focused on watershed restoration, intertidal runoff, aquaculture development and diesel contamination in a salt marsh.

Knauss Marine Policy Fellow
While a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow with the NOAA Biogeography Branch, I primarily contributed to two projects: (1) A biogeographic assessment of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, and (2) A report on the state of coral reef ecosystems of the U.S. and Freely Associated States. Integrating scientific research with coastal resource management is central to my research and I continue to build upon my former fellowship experience through working groups and collaborative projects that bring together ecological and socioeconomic studies.

Graduate Students

Ben Jones
WHOI/MIT Joint Program Student in Biological Oceanography, 2012-2014
Labs: Kellner, Ji
Project: Ben studied metapopulation connectivity and the impact of network topology on population dynamics.


Austin Phillips
WHOI Postdoc, 2017-2018
Labs: Neubert, Mullineaux, Kellner
Project: Austin worked on a metapopulation model for our hydrothermal vent metacommunity dynamics project.

Séverine Choukroun
WHOI Postdoc, 2012-2013
Labs: Thorrold, Ji, Kellner
Project: Sev worked on the biological-hydrodynamic coupled model for our marine metapopulation connectivity project.

Undergraduate Students

Jason Sadowski
WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2011
Home Institution: Rutgers University
Labs: Kellner, Ji
Current position: Ph.D. Student in the UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology, 2013-current
Project: Jason assisted with our marine metapopulation connectivity project. Jason contributed to a regional geospatial database for Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea by digitizing and refining habitat and species distribution map layers in ArcGIS.

Christina Hernandez
WHOI Summer Student Fellow, 2013
Home Institution: Columbia University
Labs: Llopiz, Kellner
Project: Chrissy worked on a collaborative project to describe the vertical distribution and dispersal of coral reef fish larvae near the Straits of Florida.